About Us

Vitae Gourmet is a small, family owned business in the North Georgia mountains. What started out as a Covid side hustle has grown into a larger, post-Covid side hustle. Michael had been making hot sauces in his kitchen for years, stumbling upon the most amazing recipe (Sweet Heat Habanero), but didn't write anything down. 1.5 years later he was finally able to duplicate the recipe (writing everything down in detail). Then the draconian lockdowns happened... not to waste an opportunity, he took the time to get his sauces "legal" and launched Vitae Gourmet! All the while, his loving and amazing wife, Maria (who can't tolerate the heat) has been supportive and amazingly patient. 

For our family, this isn't just a side hustle, but an opportunity to share amazing flavors and to spread joy and hope. It's not just about making money, but about living life to the full; the word "Vitae" is Latin for "Life". In that vein, we give 10% of our profits to Operation Underground Railroad, the organization started by Tim Ballard, of "The Sound of Freedom" movie.